Lucy B. Swedberg, Vice President & Publisher, WIS

“I joined UCG/WIS many years ago, right out of college. I quickly saw that my opinions and ideas would be heard and valued, even though I was young. I saw examples of smart people being given more and more responsibility, and was motivated to follow their path. I have been promoted several times over the years, and continue to see challenging career opportunities at WIS.” Lucy B. Swedberg
Vice President & Publisher, WIS

UCG On The Rise

From the day we launched UCG in 1977, we have been entrepreneurial, highly competitive and had a passion for excellence.

Today we are far larger, have employees and customers around the world, and many more resources than when we started as a two-person business in storage space above a liquor store in Washington, D.C.

There are a number of turning points and decisions along the way that helped shape the portfolio of extraordinary companies we’ve become.

In our early days we delivered our content through newsletters and conferences. But within three years, driven by our customers’ demand for more timely delivery, we became among the first companies in the world to deliver information electronically.

Long before the advent of the Internet we were delivering our proprietary, trusted content, expert analysis, news alerts and fast-changing data electronically to customers in the energy, government contracting and defense industries.

In 1978, we won our first journalism award for editorial excellence. And in the years since, we have won over 100 awards for excellence in journalism and dozens more for creative marketing.

Another early turning point: That same year, 1978, we acquired our first of many specialized information businesses, enabling us to diversify into multiple business verticals ranging from healthcare, to banking to technology and telecom. In the ensuing years we acquired dozens of companies including taking a public company private and one of our private companies public.

Over the years we have retained many of the entrepreneurs of the businesses we’ve acquired. We give these business builders the autonomy to run their own show and the resources to accelerate growth. UCG has become a full-fledged portfolio of companies run by world-class entrepreneurs.

We have also sold two of our companies, investing the proceeds to successfully expand UCG’s portfolio.

Today, we sell our products around the world, hold conferences in Europe, the U.K., Asia and Australia, have offices in the U.S. and Europe and Asia. We remain committed to adding information and software businesses to our portfolio to serve new and exciting verticals, continue growing our existing lines of businesses. As we expand we honor the best attributes of that small company above the liquor store – nimble, competitive, and passionate about creating the best products and solutions.


Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA):
  • Over 120 Journalism & Marketing Awards
  • UCG Founders are in the SIPA Foundation’s Hall of Fame

National Press Club:
  • Newsletter Journalism Award
  • Newsletter Exclusive Category

Inc 500 Fastest Growing Companies:
  • CodeCorrect
  • LoanToolbox
  • ATX – a five time winner and Hall of Famer

  • Washingtonian Best Places To Work