Sue Woodard, President, Vantage Production, LLC

“From the very first meeting with UCG I knew something was very different from all the other potential suitors for our company. In talking with them it was obvious this wasn’t just “one more deal,” but that they cared deeply to understand what we do and how we do it, and how we could make one another even better in a future together.”

Sue Woodard
Vantage Production, LLC

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Partnering with UCG

You’ve built a good company on its way to being great. And, while you’d likely get it there on your own, with the right partner, you may be able to get it there and beyond even quicker and with considerably more resources at your disposal. UCG may be just that partner!

We are neither a gigantic public company nor a private equity firm. But we provide virtually all of the benefits they can provide as a partner, without the obvious drawbacks. We have built and managed a portfolio of companies for 35 years with our own money. And, it’s still our own money – we don’t take outside investment, nor do we report to any outside board of directors. We have ultimate flexibility – our money, our expertise, and our decisions.

What does this mean to you?

It means we can buy a substantial part of your business now to allow you to take a big part of your chips off the table, but also allow you to continue to run it with virtual autonomy and authority. We will provide you with the benefit of our experience and expertise, and the resources to accelerate growth through development or acquisitions. But we won’t get in your way or create unnecessary layers of bureaucracy to slow you down.

And you can sell the rest somewhere down the road when the company has appreciated considerably. Hopefully, as has been the case before at UCG, this bite of the apple will be worth more than the first! Most importantly, though, we can sell at a time that makes sense – not like a private equity fund that must sell when its fund expires or like a public company whose timing gets dictated by the public markets.

In fact, we have owned CCMI, our telecom information company, since 1990, when we acquired it from McGraw-Hill. We’ve also sold quickly as was the case with our CodeCorrect business, which we acquired in 2004, did an add-on acquisition in 2005, and sold in 2006. We agreed with the president of CodeCorrect that selling that quickly meant seizing an extraordinary divestment opportunity.

If you would like to learn more about becoming the next in the long line of successful entrepreneurs in the UCG family, please call either of us so we can discuss it confidentially.








What you get when you partner with UCG...

... Focus

UCG’s focus on business information and software companies enables us to quickly prioritize great opportunities and invest efficiently.

... Autonomy

We invest in dynamic business leaders who run great companies --our goal is to help you run faster.

... Resources

You get access to capital, the ability to pursue acquisitions and strategic partnerships, market access, and decades of know-how to accelerate growth and achieve your goals.

... Flexibility

We understand that every opportunity is unique and our flexible capital base let’s UCG focus on the great opportunities - not rigid or external requirements.

... Reliability

We believe in open, direct and honest dialogue and stand behind our portfolio companies in good markets and bad.

... Extraordinary Support

You know how to grow your business better than anyone. When it comes to extraordinary events - from making a big acquisition to relocating your office - UCG has the resources to help you stay focused on what matters most throughout the process.