Are you ready to be tested, challenged and rewarded as never before?

Whatever the job you're pursuing or the UCG company you'd like to join, you'll have ...

... plenty of autonomy -- no red tape, no bureaucracy

... an opportunity to hone your skills -- we invest heavily in training and developing our employees

... room to improve our products and develop new ones - we encourage and reward suggestions

... the authority and responsibility to make important decisions

... and much more

Laura Smith, SVP, Client Services, Vantage Production, LLC

“I am extremely fortunate to be given the latitude to incorporate my own ideas in creating what I feel is the most professional customer experience. I greatly appreciate the guidance and support I consistently receive, when needed, from UCG. I truly feel because of the freedom I am allowed and the encouragement I receive, the end result for all of us is SUCCESS.“ Laura Smith
SVP, Client Services
Vantage Production, LLC

Special Message for Customer Care Candidates

Dear Potential Representative,

Customer care may be our first touch with customers.

And since you only get one chance to make a first impression … we work extremely hard to make the most of it.

The training, development and importance we attach to customer care sets our companies apart from the competition. We believe it’s far too important to ship off shore or bury in a basement boiler room where there’s high turnover and low morale.

Our customer care reps sit side-by-side with the journalists, analysts, subject-matter experts and software developers in the companies they work for. They attend in-depth training programs to keep up with fast-changing industry developments.

The President of each UCG company expects customer care reps to be advocates for the clients we serve, to initiate ways to better serve them, and to address and solve their specific needs. As a result, customer care reps have a seat at the table in company strategy meetings, ensuring the customer’s point of view is given ample weight.

Nimble, fast-thinking and entrepreneurial customer service reps in our companies have been responsible for up selling and closing sales … boosting conference, trade show and webinar attendance … identifying site license opportunities … forging relationships that lead to affinity deals … and much more.

We don’t have a monolithic approach to customer care. Each company has its own policies covering everything from on-boarding and welcome programs to dealing with comps and subscription extensions.

At UCG, working in customer care can be a launching pad for opportunities to grow personally and professionally. Many reps have gone on to rewarding careers at UCG in editorial, IT and sales and marketing. It’s another reason UCG is deemed a great place to work.

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Fast Facts...

... Them Apples

Our employees consume some 200,000 pieces of fruit annually, everything from red and green apples to kiwi, oranges and bananas, all delivered every day to every person on our ubiquitous fruit cart.

... Off the Wagon

On certain days the fruit cart transforms itself into an ice cream sundae bar or into a hot apple-cider wagon, even a pastry stand, dispensing red, white and blue cupcakes around the fourth of July.

... We Like to Celebrate

We like to celebrate! We celebrate our successes. We celebrate milestones. And we celebrate the little things too! It may be a baseball outing or a crab feast, or a private showing of a summer blockbuster.