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Whatever the job you're pursuing or the UCG company you'd like to join, you'll have ...

... plenty of autonomy -- no red tape, no bureaucracy

... an opportunity to hone your skills -- we invest heavily in training and developing our employees

... room to improve our products and develop new ones - we encourage and reward suggestions

... the authority and responsibility to make important decisions

... and much more

Josh Poltilove, Lead Editor, Home Health Line

"UCG is a wonderful place to work. I feel valued by my colleagues and supervisor, and I get many opportunities to produce high-quality content that truly helps people." Josh Poltilove
Home Health Line, Lead Editor

Special Message for Editors, Market Analysts, and Content Creators

Dear Editorial Professional,

Our editorial chops were established right from day one. The company’s two founders are journalists. They know timely, accurate data and exceptional content are the keys to success. “Content is King” is our mantra.

Whether it's an investigative piece, an analysis of complex government regulations, the latest moves in the oil markets, changes in telecom rates, our data and content are the gold standard in the vertical markets we cover. We deliver our products through a variety of channels, including print, web, blogs and mobile apps, in-person live conferences, workshops or any other way customers want it.

Think of us as the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News or other respected publications -- only we focus on business niches and dig as far and deep as you can go. Interestingly, a number of our top people cut their teeth at these general business publications before taking on the challenge of creating targeted, trusted, specialized business information.

Your work for any of our companies packs a tremendous wallop. Our reports, analysis and breaking news delivered throughout the day have sparked congressional investigations of multinationals … told hospitals how to improve patient care … prevented banks from failing … showed CPAs how to cut clients’ tax bills … uncovered fraud in the Medicare program … gave developers tips and tricks to boost efficiency and cut costs … helped funeral homes better serve grieving families … and so much more.

Since 1980, UCG companies have received more than 100 awards and honors for excellence in specialized business journalism. No other company is even close.

If you are collaborative, curious, and juiced by getting “IT”… whether “IT” is a story, a spider to collect data on the web, a speaker presentation, a twitter feed, or a content rich work flow tool, you’ll want to join one of our UCG companies to advance your editorial career.

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Fast Facts...

... Them Apples

Our employees consume some 200,000 pieces of fruit annually, everything from red and green apples to kiwi, oranges and bananas, all delivered every day to every person on our ubiquitous fruit cart.

... Off the Wagon

On certain days the fruit cart transforms itself into an ice cream sundae bar or into a hot apple-cider wagon, even a pastry stand, dispensing red, white and blue cupcakes around the fourth of July.

... We Like to Celebrate

We like to celebrate! We celebrate our successes. We celebrate milestones. And we celebrate the little things too! It may be a baseball outing or a crab feast, or a private showing of a summer blockbuster.