Are you ready to be tested, challenged and rewarded as never before?

Whatever the job you're pursuing or the UCG company you'd like to join, you'll have ...

... plenty of autonomy -- no red tape, no bureaucracy

... an opportunity to hone your skills -- we invest heavily in training and developing our employees

... room to improve our products and develop new ones - we encourage and reward suggestions

... the authority and responsibility to make important decisions

... and much more

Prajeeb Kumar

“UCG is a unique mix of simplicity and diversity in terms of both opportunity and people. I am fortunate to work on so many interesting projects on a daily basis, and that hasn't changed in last 10 years. Our focus on quality has led to an extremely talented and dedicated group of people over the years which creates an awesome work environment. Combining this with an upper management that is both transparent and rewarding makes UCG a dream place to work for.”
Prajeeb Kumar
Manager, IT Development

Special Message for IT & Project Management Candidates

Dear IT/Project Management Professional,

You made a smart decision to check out UCG as the potential next step in your career. Here are some things you should know about us.

UCG is a portfolio of content-driven business-to-business information and software companies. We use technology to serve hundreds of thousands of customers around the world, and to add value to our information. Due to the eclectic nature of our operations, we offer technical positions in many different areas, which utilize many different technologies.

We've been in business since October 1977 and started our first online information service in 1981.

Whether you are considering a position with one of our portfolio companies or our Shared Services, you will be joining a team of talented professionals who strive to deliver timely, quality solutions to our customers.

Here's What You Stand to Gain from UCG:

More Autonomy
We hire smart professionals and give them the discretion to call the shots on project implementation. Rather than tell you how to design your project, we count on you to be creative and collaborative to help set the project's development course. As long as you're producing a quality workproduct and meeting deadlines, your supervisor is more of a coach than a boss.

More Complex Challenges
At UCG, being an IT professional engages many of your skills, and helps you develop new ones. You will be tested and challenged to be creative and collaborative, to provide the best solutions at the right price.

More Opportunities for Professional Development
To help you reach your goals we invest in your professional development. We recognize that there are new, better technical tools and applications to embrace to stay current and produce the best quality solutions. We are committed to keeping you proficient in your field.

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Fast Facts...

... Them Apples

Our employees consume some 200,000 pieces of fruit annually, everything from red and green apples to kiwi, oranges and bananas, all delivered every day to every person on our ubiquitous fruit cart.

... Off the Wagon

On certain days the fruit cart transforms itself into an ice cream sundae bar or into a hot apple-cider wagon, even a pastry stand, dispensing red, white and blue cupcakes around the fourth of July.

... We Like to Celebrate

We like to celebrate! We celebrate our successes. We celebrate milestones. And we celebrate the little things too! It may be a baseball outing or a crab feast, or a private showing of a summer blockbuster.