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Whatever the job you're pursuing or the UCG company you'd like to join, you'll have ...

... plenty of autonomy -- no red tape, no bureaucracy

... an opportunity to hone your skills -- we invest heavily in training and developing our employees

... room to improve our products and develop new ones - we encourage and reward suggestions

... the authority and responsibility to make important decisions

... and much more

Lindsey Davis, Directory of Marketing

“My career at DecisionHealth has seen me rise from Marketing Manager to Director of Marketing in a few short years. I have been challenged, encouraged and greatly rewarded and my experiences at DecisionHealth have made me a stronger marketer and an empowered professional. I love working in an environment where ideas and innovation are allowed and encouraged to come from anyone. And where successes are celebrated and failures are opportunities for learning. DecisionHealth and UCG create a unique environment in which I am supported to continuously challenge myself and my team to try new methods, explore all channels, embrace new technologies and achieve greatness.“
Lindsey Davis
Director of Marketing

Special Message for Sales and Marketing Candidates

Dear Sales/Marketing Professional,

UCG companies generate a tremendous array of high-priced, highly-focused content ... everything from huge bustling trade shows to individual online training for software developers ... a database of thousands of petroleum prices to a site packed with best practices for investment advisors ... robust workflow tools embedded in customers' systems to print directories of medical codes for healthcare professionals. For a better picture of our products and the channels we use, check out each company's website.

We are the dominant and most respected information provider in most of the markets we serve. And we are as compulsive about the quality of our sales and marketing efforts, our tactics and strategy, as we are about the quality of our content.

In our businesses the most successful sales and marketing pros stay close to the markets they deal with … understand customers’ most pressing needs … and recognize untapped opportunities to be explored and captured.

We know that the most productive marketers can tell if customers of one service are candidates for up sells, cross sells or an altogether new product. And they are adept at leveraging social media, blogs and tweets, to generate scores of rich leads and converting them to customers.

Our sales and marketing professionals seize opportunities, they zero in on lucrative bundling and packaging transactions ... they have the imagination and industry to develop large files of new prospects ... to forge partnerships and affinity deals that may be worth millions. They generate copy, telesales scripts and offers that are written and delivered in the tone, voice and language of the prospect because they know the prospect so well.

We are obsessed with results and measure everything -- long or short copy ... a new email subject line ... an integrated phone, email and print campaign ... the power of a glossy four-color print brochure and more. Our marketers dig into the numbers to evaluate the quality of leads, the net profit ratio and the life-time value of campaigns.

The president of each company expects sales and marketing pros to roll up their sleeves, take charge or fly solo in a pinch, and to excel when collaborating with a team of editors and publishers, graphic designers, customer care reps and software developers.

Since 1977, UCG companies have won more than 100 awards and honors for excellence in business information services. Our sales and marketing efforts are equal to this high standard. Take a look at the sales and marketing opportunities in our portfolio of companies , see how each company markets and sells its products and how your strengths and skills fit in.

And go here to see why Washingtonian Magazine named UCG a great place to work.

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... Them Apples

Our employees consume some 200,000 pieces of fruit annually, everything from red and green apples to kiwi, oranges and bananas, all delivered every day to every person on our ubiquitous fruit cart.

... Off the Wagon

On certain days the fruit cart transforms itself into an ice cream sundae bar or into a hot apple-cider wagon, even a pastry stand, dispensing red, white and blue cupcakes around the fourth of July.

... We Like to Celebrate

We like to celebrate! We celebrate our successes. We celebrate milestones. And we celebrate the little things too! It may be a baseball outing or a crab feast, or a private showing of a summer blockbuster.