Gaithersburg, MD employees cleaning up
the grounds at a local school.

Wall, NJ employees
assembling gift bags
to support a local
children’s charity.

St. Paul, MN employees working at Second Harvest Food Bank .

Doing Good

A UCG partner has created the first School of Philanthropy for undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Maryland (press here to see news coverage) ... ... and another UCG partner has created a basketball tournament in the Middle East for men and women that is designed to bring together Arabs and Jews, Christians and Muslims (press here to see press coverage). Thousands of students from 18 countries have participated.

Giving Back in Our Communities

UCG companies have demonstrated that they can do well and do good in the communities where they work.

In the middle 1980s, UCG was the first corporate sponsor of “I Have a Dream.” The program promised 60 inner city Washington, D.C. kids full college tuition after graduation from high school. Over the 12-year program, UCG employees volunteered to be mentors, tutors and pals, arranging a variety of events throughout the year for students and their families -- everything from picnics to ball games to celebrations of accomplishments and more.

UCG’s volunteer tutors were supported by a full-time staff of professional educators. The “I Have a Dream” program was the impetus for the creation of the remarkable UCG Community Helpers program.

These volunteers help to inspire youngsters to excel academically … others work hard to repair the lives of less fortunate families in communities near our companies.

These efforts also include volunteering at centers for seniors … helping to paint and fix up homes … preparing high school students for careers in the content-rich field of the “new journalism” and other fast changing fields … working with businesses in the community to combine and leverage resources to assist local schools … collecting toys, food and clothing for needy families during the holiday season … supporting a home for troubled youths … contributing to Red Cross drives … and to many other worthy causes.

Coping with disaster

When disaster strikes, our companies have contributed in numerous ways to soften the impact on the victims.

September 11

After exploring various ways to help, our companies and employees donated more than $150,000 to the New York Fireman’s Fund and to the Pentagon Relief Fund. And later, to help inject more than a million dollars into the depressed Washington and New York City tourist economies, UCG sponsored an extended weekend event for more than 700 employees and their guests that began in Washington and ended in New York.

Earthquakes in Haiti and Japan

UCG employees, again working through AmeriCares, helped to provide medical supplies for earthquake victims in Haiti. And to help families victimized by the double tragedy of an earthquake and nuclear meltdown in Japan, the companies and employees contributed to relief efforts that rushed medical supplies to those who were cut off from their homes.

Hurricane Katrina

Using our wide network of resources, UCG volunteers helped nine displaced families relocate from New Orleans to the Washington, DC area. This involved renting and furnishing apartments, helping children adjust to new schools, assisting parents in finding jobs, and contributing $80,000 to the families as they waited for delayed government assistance funding to kick in. Press here to see the Washington Post article about our rescue effort.

Indonesian Tsunami

Working with AmeriCares, our companies and employees contributed $110,000 for equipment and supplies to help make a primary care facility fully operational in one of the hardest hit areas.

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