UCG Continues Record Breaking Streak

Gaithersburg, MD, June 7, 2013 — UCG received 15 awards – including six first-place finishes – at the just-concluded awards event of the Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA) continuing our record breaking streak. Since 1978, when the awards were initiated, UCG is the only company to be honored every year of the competition. We’ve received over 150 awards for excellence in content generation and sales and marketing campaigns -- far more than any other specialized information provider.

This year five UCG companies received awards – DecisionHealth, Oil Price Information Service, Argosy, WIS, and Kates-Boylston, in nine categories. One of our core principles is that great content drives great sales and marketing campaigns and all of it generates new products and services for our customers. The results of this year’s competition demonstrate our goal of striving for the highest professional standards and our ability to achieve them.

Here are the winners who all warrant a salute and well-deserved congratulations:

• Leslsley Parthree and Lindsey Harris, DecisionHealth, First Place, Best Editorial and Marketing Collaboration, for their creative approach to boosting attendance at a coding conference.

• Andrew Umhoefer, with contributions from the IA Watch/Argosy team of Carl Ayers, Rob Baker and Hugh Kennedy, First Place, Best Marketing Campaign for their promotion of the SEC Exam Survival Guide.

• Laura Evans, DecisionHealtt, First Place, Best Interpretative or Analytical Reporting, for her analysis of salaries paid physician office coders. And an extra salute to Laura for her Second Place award in the Best NewsletterEzine in the Health, Medical and Fitness category for the August and September issues of Orthopedic Coder’s Newsletter.

• Kim Castaneda and Lindsey Harris, DecisionHealth, First Place, Best Use of Video in a Marketing Campaign for their package promoting ICD-10 Coding Cards.

• Patti Martin Bartsche, First Place, Kates-Boyston, Best Single Story, for her reporting and writing on the death and funeral of Whitney Houston.

• Tina Irgang, Marci Heydt, Burt Schorr and Roy Edroso, DecisionHealth, First Place, Best NewsletterEzine in Health, Medicine and Fitness for the November and December issues of Home Health Line.

• Tom Kloza and the entire content-producing team of Oil Price Information Service, Second Place, Best Spot News, for their reporting on Sun Philadelphia.

• Jonathan Haun, Chris Hickman, Don Loden, Andrea Haynes, Wellesley Information Services, Second Place, Scientific or Technical Writing for their end to end perspective on implementing SAP HANA .

• Kathy Updegraff, DecisionHealth, Second Place, The Margie Weiner Award for Best Marketing Campaign, for her creative use of testimonials to demonstrate the value of Part B News to prospects.

• Lindsey Harris, DecisionHealth, Second Place, Rising Industry Star.

• Tom Parmalee, Funeral Service Insider, Second Place, Investigative Reporting, for a months’ long probe into convicted felon Henry Vinson’s alleged ties to the funeral service industry, and another second place award in Instructional Reporting, a piece by Tom that gave a step-by-step guide for collecting and using emails.

• Kim Castaneda, Home Health Coding Center, Second Place in the Marketing Campaign category for her package alerting prospects to the changes ahead in Coding regulations.

• Karen Long, DecisionHealth, Third Place, Instructional Reporting, for her piece that revealed 10 mistakes to avoid delays in Medicare payments.