UCG's 2014 Make A Difference Day

On Friday, October 24th, 156 employees participated in UCG's 2014 "Make A Difference Day" helping non-profits in Gaithersburg, MD, Wall, NJ, Sandy, UT, Denver, CO, El Paso, TX and St. Paul, MN. Here's a brief recap of what we did and click this link to view our 2014 YouTube video:

In our Maryland office:

  • Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County-
    We had two groups of ten each volunteer at the Animal Welfare League. The first group painted 4 rooms that needed an accent wall painted, and a fifth room that needed the bottom half of all four walls painted. The second group had four individuals that opted to get their hands dirty and prune some trees while the rest of them stayed inside and cleaned the whole facility from top to bottom! Towards the end it was all hands on deck outside as they bundled and moved all the branches that had been removed.
  • Circle of Hope Therapeutic Riding-
    Our volunteers cleaned up the entrance of the farm by expanding their flower beds, planting bulbs and spreading mulch. They also weeded, pruned and planted bulbs in their memorial garden and raked the indoor arena where the horses do a lot of the therapy sessions. It was a lot of hard work but we had a blast!
  • Gaithersburg Middle School-
    Our group cleaned and organized the closets for the math, art and science departments of GMS. We organized clothes for the mentoring program, organized books and supplies for the Saturday School Program, unpacked and labeled library books, as well as weeded, raked leaves, and trimmed the flower beds.
  • House with a Heart Pet Sanctuary-
    We raked and bagged leaves, spread out new pea gravel, as well as landscaped the yard. The volunteers were amazing and House with a Heart would love to have us back again next year.
  • Little Falls Watershed Alliance-
    Our volunteers were weed warriors for the day and helped clear an area of parkland from invasive species such as Porcelainberry, English Ivy, Busch Honeysuckle, and Oriental Bittersweet. It was important work to keep the local biodiversity intact by increasing the insect diversity and providing food and habitat for an increased number of local birds.
  • Manna Food Center-
    At Manna our group was kept busy with many different jobs. The group started out in the pre-sorting area which was taking food from collected food drives and sorting it by type. Our volunteers were responsible for bagging frozen meat, sorting breads and taping the food boxes together.
  • Montgomery County Parks-
    At Magruder Train Branch park we collected a lot of trash from the trail and the wooded area behind the high school. From the tiny cigarette butts to lots of bottles (recycled these) and even tires and bricks! At Locust Grove Nature Center we removed some big wine-berry canes, pulled a ton of invasive Oriental Bittersweet from the trees and really did make a difference in saving many of the trees in this beautiful park.
  • Second Chance Wildlife Center-
    Our volunteers cleaned and scrubbed the walls and floors of the main animal holding room, cleaned windows on the first floor, and scrubbed the kitchen area. All of our work was in preparation for their annual open house in mid-November which is open to the public to come in and meet the animal patients.

In our Wall, NJ office:

  • Allaire State Park-
    At Allaire State Park, our volunteers completed various yard work projects around the park. We cleared debris from paths, picked up garbage, and raked the leaves in order to the make the park an attractive place for the public to visit.

In our El Paso, TX office:

  • El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank-
    The El Paso LCI group helped the bank in their large warehouse by unpacking boxes, restocking shelves, and organizing the food to be shipped to local organizations. El Pasoans Fighting Hunger food bank serves the greater El Paso area by providing food directly to those in need as well as supplying food to local food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters.

In our Sandy, UT office:

  • Glendale/Mountain View Community Learning Center-
    The DecisionHealth Utah office worked at the Glendale / Mountain View Community Learning Center, which is part of Mountain View Elementary School and Glendale Middle School in the Salt Lake City School District. Our volunteers weeded and cleaned up flower beds around the elementary school as well as helped to turn a large area in back of the school into a community garden for students next spring.

In our Denver, CO office:

  • Mile High United Way-
    Placeable had two groups which participated with organizations focused on early childhood development and learning. The first group volunteered to help "Resource Area for Teaching" (RAFT), where we sorted, labeled, and cut up supplies for teachers to use. The second group volunteered to help "A Precious Child" and they sorted and organized toys in bins for those to use in need.

In our St. Paul, MN office:

  • Second Harvest Heartland-
    Our group sorted and individually packaged 2000 lbs. of tortillas from a local tortilla producer. The tortillas came into Second Harvest all lumped together in 50 gallon bins, and our participants neatly packaged them into packages of 12 to be shipped out to those in need.