OPIS Launches "iGasUp" iPhone App to Help Consumers Shop for Fuel



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August 27, 2008
OPIS Launches "iGasUp" iPhone App to Help Consumers Shop for Fuel

Oil Price Information Service (OPIS), the nation’s leading supplier of retail gasoline and diesel fuel pricing information, has launched an innovative new service on the iPhone that will help millions of users shop for the cheapest fuel.
“The iPhone changes the game for consumers when shopping for the best prices on goods and services. The immediacy of being able to use the iPhone to perform targeted internet queries anywhere allows people to optimize their purchasing dollar,” said Michael Sinsky, CIO, OPIS.

Users needing to fill up simply touch the iGasUp icon on their iPhone and the phone’s GPS system locates their position and returns the 10 cheapest fueling stations in the area. The actual prices are displayed in low-to-high order, along with the brand and address.
“This is a perfect marriage between data and technology that will allow consumers to gain more control over their fueling costs,” said Fred Rozell, Director of Retail Pricing for OPIS.
If a customer is planning on filling up in another location, they have the option of entering in a zip code and the phone will return the 10 cheapest fueling stations in that particular area.
Customers have the option to pre-select their fuel search criteria: Regular Unleaded Gasoline, Premium Unleaded or Diesel.

OPIS is updating the iGasUp application to allow users to map to the station of their choice. The update will be released within the next 10 days, Rozell says.

With fueling costs at historically high levels, it is expected that iGasUp will be a popular download on the App Store, Rozell said.

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