Ui Chun, Director Production & Fulfillment, UCG

“UCG has a unique culture, with an open environment that I can explore and make both enjoyable and productive. It’s a great place to work, and I can challenge my future with my own commitment to excellence.
One thing I enjoy the most about my career with UCG is the creation of a family-like bond between fellow employees in all its companies.” Ui Chun
Director Production & Fulfillment,

8 Reasons to Work at UCG

  1. Professional stature

    You’ll join an organization that’s one of the world’s leading business information providers. You’ll be working side-by-side with experts who are recognized leaders in their fields.

  2. Design your career path

    Professional growth is critical to the success of UCG companies. Your president and supervisor will give you the resources and training and development to help you continue to grow in your role or a new role that plays to your strengths. You will be tapped to jump into lots of challenging projects and you will be expected to take personal responsibility to help carve out your career at UCG.

  3. Opportunistic

    Business plans and budgets won’t tie you down. If you have a suggestion for a new way of working … an approach that enhances the value of our products … or an idea for a new service, go for it. Our companies retain the best attributes of small businesses. They are nimble, fast-moving and open to your ideas.

  4. On the cutting edge

    You’ll be in the forefront of business information services. Our companies create content and deliver products and services through a variety of channels, relying on everything from websites, databases, software as a service, print, glossy magazines, live conferences, webinars, Twitter feeds, Facebook, and other social media.

  5. Strategic thinking

    UCG companies seek out and reward strategic thinkers-innovators who have talent, industry-experience, and boldness to help increase productivity, hike revenues, and stay ahead of the competition.

  6. Collaborative

    The president of each company, managers in the business units and your colleagues are always available to exchange ideas and serve as sounding board and collaborator.

  7. Focus on quality

    Whatever your position or role, you will find that our companies demand the highest quality work product and performance, and they will reward you for meeting and exceeding their high standards.

  8. Giving back

    A bedrock principle of our companies is that we do well and do good in local communities and around the world.

And it’s a Great Place to Work.

Fast Facts...

... Them Apples

Our employees consume some 200,000 pieces of fruit annually, everything from red and green apples to kiwi, oranges and bananas, delivered every day to every person on our ubiquitous fruit cart.

... Off the Wagon

On certain days the fruit cart transforms itself into an ice cream sundae bar or into a hot apple-cider wagon, even a pastry stand, dispensing red, white and blue cupcakes around the fourth of July.

... We Like to Celebrate

We like to celebrate! We celebrate our successes. We celebrate milestones. And we celebrate the little things too! It may be a baseball outing or a crab feast, or a private showing of a summer blockbuster.